Breeders guide.

1. What is Blockgrees?

Blockgrees is a pedigrees management system, where genealogies in more than 16 generations can be viewed in an interactive and totally public way. It is mainly focused on breeders, who can register their dogs and litters in the database in exchange for a fee, to facilitate the process of selling and designing new crosses.

Its functions are the same as those of conventional pedigrees companies, with the difference that Blockgrees surpasses them all due to the characteristics of the digital format compared to analog. Some of those advantages can be: speed, durability, ease and practicality.

Individuals can also register their dog individually, however, unlike breeders, they cannot register litters. In this way uncontrolled breeding is prevented and buyers are encouraged to obtain their dogs from professional and certified breeders.

2. Main advantages

This platform is the product of many years working with pedigrees companies, and locating the main weaknesses they had. The functions of pedigrees are 2:

  1. Show the genealogy of a specific dog in order to avoid inbreeding and to better design the crosses.
  2. Confirm that a dog belongs to a specific breed.

Later the pedigrees companies have also dedicated themselves to doing dog shows in order to get more people to register their dogs in their companies. This is very good, because it encourages many people to become fond of the canine world, but we must not forget that the validity of these documents is backed by the trust of people. That is to say, of the breeders who trust that the genealogy of their dogs is managed by these companies, and that of the clients who trust the authenticity of these documents.

However, these companies present some problems that limit growth and knowledge about dog lines and breeds. Some of the most important problems are:

  1. Slowness in the procedures. Being manual, semi-automated procedures, the production of pedigrees is slow. From the moment a person requests a litter record until he receives the documents, it can take months. At Blockgrees, the total process from “Kennel registration” to “Permanent registration” does not exceed 3 business days.
  2. Shipping costs. The fees for the production of pedigrees are not expensive, however, if the company is in the USA, and the client is in Thailand, the shipping costs are considerable, there is also the possibility of losing them, and if the letter is sent certified , the more the cost increases. And this taking into account that several letters must be sent to complete the “Permanent” registration. With Blockgrees, being all digital, you receive your pedigree as the registration procedures are completed, that is, as cheap as the receipt of an email.
  3.  Durability. Paper documents must be kept in a protected place, as they deteriorate over time, and there is the possibility of losing them. With Blockgrees, everything is digital (does not deteriorate) and everything is in the cloud (accessible from anywhere).
  4. Number of ancestors. One of the biggest limitations that traditional pedigrees have is that you cannot see more than 12 generations, since the paper cannot hold it in a practical way. At Blockgrees, genealogies are interactive, you can get to the origins of a line in just a couple of clicks.
  5. Can’t see the dogs. In traditional pedigrees, you cannot see photos of the dogs, so the breeder is obliged to send the photos separately. In Blockgrees each of the dog profiles, in addition to displaying the entire genealogy in an interactive way, also shows the photos of all the ancestors of which a photograph has been uploaded.

The benefits of digitizing pedigrees are easy to locate and understand in practical terms. Blockgrees is already up and running, and it is only a matter of time before all breeders realize this, and place their trust in the platform, just as they have in the ones they are currently on.

3. How do I register my kennel?

To register your kennel, you must first register as a user. You can do it from this link. Once you have registered as a user, you will get a Pop Up, or you will see a button that asks you if you want to register your kennel.

Once you fill in the form with the requested information (Name, surname, name of the kennel, website, etc.) we will contact you if we need any more information. If the information provided is sufficient, we will send you an email with the link of the fee to pay to register your kennel.

Later, we will create your breeder profile in Blockgrees and you will be added to the database of the breeder search engine so that potential clients can find you.

The next step would be to register your current dogs to receive a Blockgrees pedigree and add them to the database.

4. How do I register my current dogs.

Once you have registered your kennel, you must register the dogs that you have destined for breeding. Currently Blockgrees does not make breed confirmation, so we only accept for our records, dogs that already belong to another pedigree issuing entity, such as the UKC, FCI, RSCE, AKC, etc.

To access the dog registration form, you must go to “Desktop” and click on “Single registration”. There you will see a form in which the dog’s data is requested and a section to upload the photo of your dog’s current pedigree. The initial registrations are made one by one. Once you complete the form and have given the send button, you will be sent to a payment gateway to pay the individual registration fee.

When the entire procedure is completed, you will receive an email within a maximum period of 2 business days, in which you will be attached the links to the files of your dogs in the database.

Once you have registered all your males and females, you can start registering litters.

5. How do I register my litters?

To register litters, both parents must be registered in Blockgrees. To access the litter form, you must go to “Desktop” in the menu, and then click on “Litter registration”. Once there, you will be asked for the Blockgrees identification number of the father and mother (The identification is of the type BGPC0021.21). You will also be asked for the insemination date and date of birth.

Once you submit the form, you will be redirected to a payment gateway where you must pay the fee for the procedure. Later, you will receive an email with the identification number of the litter, which you must use to make permanent records of your puppies.

The registration of litters can only be done when the litter has already been born, since the number of males and number of females are requested.

6. How do I make a permanent registration for my dog?

Once you have made the litter record, you can make the permanent record for each of the puppies. As the word says, these records will be the definitive records for each of the dogs. In it, all the information of the dog will be shown as an individual being, describing its specific characteristics.

To make a permanent registration, you must go to the “Desktop” section and then click on “Permanent registration”. Once there, you will see a form in which you are asked for the litter registration number, which you previously received by email. You will also have to enter the dog’s name, coat, gender, etc.

Once you submit the form, you will be redirected to a payment gateway where you must pay the fee for the procedure. Subsequently, you will receive a confirmation email with the registration information for your dogs, and the links to the profiles in the database.

Complete the form to register your kennel.

If you are a breeder and want to start registering your dogs with Blockgrees, you must first register your kennel.