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Revolutionizing Dog Registration: How Presarve is Leading the Way

The world of dog registration is about to change with Presarve. This new digital platform aims to revolutionize the way in which pedigree information is shared, accessed, and used.

Traditionally, dog registration has been done through paper-based systems, such as those used by the FCI and the UKC. These systems have a number of drawbacks, including the fact that they are slow, prone to fraud, and limited in the amount of information they can display.

Presarve is here to change all of that. As a fully digital platform, Presarve allows breeders to easily share comprehensive health and pedigree information with the public. This transparency means that potential buyers can make informed decisions about the dogs they are considering purchasing.

In addition, Presarve is a community-based platform. This means that breeders and enthusiasts can connect, collaborate, and support each other in their efforts to promote and preserve the traditional Perro de Presa Canario breed.

But the benefits of Presarve don’t stop there. By using the market to drive quality, Presarve encourages breeders to improve the overall health and genetic diversity of their dogs. This will ultimately lead to a stronger, healthier breed overall.

It’s clear that Presarve is poised to make a big impact in the world of dog registration. In fact, it’s likely that other breeds will look to Presarve as a model for their own registration systems. So if you’re a breeder, enthusiast, or potential dog owner, it’s time to check out Presarve and see how it can benefit you and your furry friends.

Join the Revolution: Upgrade to Digital Pedigrees with Presarve

Ready to join the digital revolution in purebred dog pedigrees? With Presarve, you’ll get fast, efficient, and transparent registration for your Perro de Presa Canario. Plus, our comprehensive health and pedigree information will help potential buyers make informed decisions. Don’t miss out on the future of breeding – join Presarve today!

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How this work?

  • Single registration: is the first thing you should do. You have to register the parents of your dog in order to have a Presarve pedigree. To do this, they must have the pedigree of a previous registration.
  • Litter registration: You must register the litter and number the number of males and females that have been born. You will receive a litter code to the email that you must use for permanent registration.
  • Permanent registration: With the litter number you can process the permanent records, which are with which you can receive your physical pedigree and the file will be added to

Physical pedigree

It consists of an A4 size document that shows the identification data of the dog on the main face. Inside the document you can find the genealogy in 3 generations. On the back you will see a card with the Qr code that redirects to the dog’s digital file at


Be an active part of the Presarve community! By clicking on the Facebook and Google buttons you can log in, and also register. If you already had a Presarve account, you will need to link it.

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