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Presarve Honor Code


  1. Presarve members are committed to breeding using the 1989 standard as a guide.
  2. Presarve members undertake to be objective with the quality of their dogs, and to breed with the improvement of the breed in mind, and not merely for economic interests.
  3. Presarve members are committed to maintaining a cordial relationship with other breeders, and to defending the reputation of those who are breeding correctly.
  4. Presarve members are committed to learning about the history of the Perro de Presa Canario, and to promoting the breed appropriately by all means.

A Presa Canario Seminar in Dallas, Texas

Do you want to learn everything you need about the Perro de Presa Canario? In this seminar, it will be possible.

How this work?

  • Single registration: is the first thing you should do. You have to register the parents of your dog in order to have a Presarve pedigree. To do this, they must have the pedigree of a previous registration.
  • Litter registration: You must register the litter and number the number of males and females that have been born. You will receive a litter code to the email that you must use for permanent registration.
  • Permanent registration: With the litter number you can process the permanent records, which are with which you can receive your physical pedigree and the file will be added to

Physical pedigree

It consists of an A4 size document that shows the identification data of the dog on the main face. Inside the document you can find the genealogy in 3 generations. On the back you will see a card with the Qr code that redirects to the dog’s digital file at